Maui Sunset

Maui Sunset- Wailea Beach
Maui Sunset- Wailea, HI


This photograph is my favorite image that I have ever taken. Marriott hotels even asked for my permission to use it on Social Media. It was the first photograph that I ever displayed in a gallery as well. It is my baby, and I am a proud Mama.

Every photographer has one special shot that is usually not only technically well done, but linked to a special memory too, and this one is no exception. My husband and I were in Maui for our 20 year wedding anniversary and I shot this from the beach of the Marriott in Wailea. The views of the sunsets are famous there, and were among the most breathtaking ones I’ve ever seen. After the sky burst forth in vibrant shades of orange and pink, the sun finally began to set, casting this tree in shadow and creating the perfect silhouette.

If you are a photographer, you should find that one image that really captures your heart and display it somewhere that you can see it often. Not only should it be an enchanting memory, it should be a reminder of all the hard work you had to put into learning and practicing your craft, (only photographers know what I mean.) Like any art, we can often question our own abilities when we compare our work with others. As President Theodore Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” I encourage you to compare only your work today, against your work of yesterday, and find joy in the process in growing and learning, which is all that really matters anyway.


I shot this image with my Canon 80D, and the settings I used were 25mm, ISO 100, 1/25 of a sec at f3.5. Prints are available upon request via email.

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