Stone Stacking in Maui



I took this photograph lying on my stomach, on a beautiful summer night from a beach in Waliea, Maui. My husband and I happened to catch a breathtaking pink sky sunset while sitting on the lawn, when I quickly took off barefoot to capture as many images as I could! (After all, photographers live and breathe for skies such as these!) Needless to say, this rocky beach was definitely tricky to navigate sans shoes, but it was totally worth it after finding these stones perfectly stacked already waiting for me. People in Hawaii frown upon stacking stones on their beaches, so I was glad I wasn’t the perpetrator, but I was more than happy to be an accomplice. I took this image with my Canon 80D, at 71mm, F5, ISO 100, at 1/8sec. Prints are available upon request via email.

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