Rediscovering My Love of Art

Pursuing photography as an adult has allowed me to rediscover my first true love, art. Once upon a time, like many creatives, I was encouraged by my high school art teacher to attend an art focused college. However, I was convinced that art was no way to make a living, so my path took a different turn. It wasn’t until I began pursuing photography that my inner artist began to resurface. What fascinated me about photography was that I got to create an image, not just take it. The creative aspects of composition and color theory and the idea of telling a story with my images reconnected me to my artistic foundations. It also lead me down a path to finding a way to merge my love of both mediums.

Today I can be found in my art studio experimenting with many different types of mediums, just as much as I can be found out taking photos and editing them. I am especially fond of using Alcohol Ink, and then photographing those pieces utilizing my Macro lens. As you can see with the image above, where I choose to the focus the photograph really draws the eye. The textures and color variations of the Alcohol Ink really give the pieces interest and depth. I utilize many different techniques using the Ink, but the effects I get with bubbles and metallic are my favorites.

I am having a lot of fun experimenting as Artist. In Lisa Congdon’s book, Find Your Artistic Voice, she says, “your artistic path is never linear, or smooth. For many people the initial spark happens, but it doesn’t lead to creative action for many years, or ever.” I am grateful for the spark that happened for me as a child, and for the all the ways my path has lead me to the Photographer and Artist I am today.

In the coming months I will be adding more images of my artwork and I would love to get your feedback as I venture into something new! Please comment or email me directly to share your thoughts. Stay safe and well everyone, and keep creating!


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