Concord Point Lighthouse in May

Concord Point Lighthouse in Color

I grew up right down the street from this Lighthouse and used to walk to it all the time as a kid. The surrounding landscape and huge promenade that sits adjacent to it today had not even been thought of back then, but still to me, it was just as beautiful. There are a thousand different ways to photograph this lighthouse, and there are lots of people who travel from a distance to get pictures of it every day, especially in the Spring and Summer. For me, part of the fun of photography is trying to find a new perspective on the same subject, and I think I accomplished that with this image. I love how the reds of the roses play off of the red in the American Flag, and how the Lighthouse is framed by greenery so it gives the effect that you are just peeking at it, instead of looking at it straight on.

Concord Point Lighthouse can be found at the point where the Susquehanna River flows into the Chesapeake Bay, in the small picturesque town of Havre de Grace, MD. The 36 foot tall Lighthouse was built in 1827, and it is the 2nd oldest tower lighthouse still standing on the Chesapeake Bay today.

As always, prints of this photograph are available by request via email.   I shot this image using my Canon 6D, and the settings used were 50mm, F3.5, ISO 200 at 1/4000 of a sec.

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