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Welcome to Lisa Braun Photography!

Hi, I am Lisa Braun, a Maryland based Photographer specializing in Landscape, Portrait, Macro & Fine Art Photography. I’ve been practicing photography for over 15 years. I am passionate about creating stories with my images, and I am drawn to dynamic colors, dramatic landscapes and bold subjects. I am also a Natural Light Portrait Photographer, and available for Portrait sessions upon request. 

Part of the purpose of this website is to showcase my photography and artwork, but I’d also like to encourage other Creatives along the way. Oftentimes I find that Photographers and Artists can live a very isolated existence. This could not be more true post Covid-19. Because of this, when I post new work I write what inspired me, or something relatable to the creative process or a lesson I learned along the way. By sharing my thoughts and feelings I hope I am encouraging other Creatives to do the same. We have many avenues to show our work, but if we can share a piece of ourselves in the process, we break down the walls of isolation and enter into a beautiful community together. In addition, many times I will also post the specs of my photos, especially my landscapes, and I do this because when I was a new Photographer I was very curious about those things, and I am passionate about helping new Creatives in any way that I can. 

With the ever changing dynamics of Photography, I hope to always continue to learn and grow while enjoying the challenge of finding a variety of subjects, experimenting with various equipment and learning new techniques. This love of learning and evolving lead me back to my roots, as an Artist. Currently in addition to Photography, I am enjoying drawing and painting as well these days, but my favorite art medium is Alcohol Ink.  And I am particularly passionate about using my Macro lens to photograph them! You can find those images under my Mixed Media and Macro Photography pages. 

All of the photographs and artwork on my website are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and formats. They can also be shipped anywhere in the world. If you are interested in an image, contact me directly as I like to personally work with you to choose the size and format that would most benefit the space it is being hung or discuss the person it is being gifted to. I only use professional printing services and presentation materials as this ensures that you receive an archival worthy piece made to stand the test of time. Contact me for details via email.

As an avid supporter of the arts in my local community, I have exhibited my photography at the Harford Artists Gallery in Bel Air, MD and their satellite locations as well, including the Independent Brewing Company and Pairings Bistro. In addition to showing my work locally I choose to donate some of my photographs to local charity events that benefit causes I am passionate about. In February 2018, I was also honored to be chosen as Harford County Living’s Artist of the Week, and was interviewed in 2019 on their podcast as part of Harford County Photography Field Trips. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with new Photographers and leading workshops when opportunities to do so present themselves.     

Thank you for your interest in Lisa Braun Photography. Please check my social media sites to find out what I am up to next and be sure to sign up for updates on this blog. I would love to hear your feedback about my posts, or answer any questions you may have about Photography or my creative process. Thank you in advance for supporting local artists!    


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